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'Forcing a Muslim man to engage in family planning is forcing him to violate the rules of his religion - Hon. Kazaure
Ishola Wasiu    Oct 15, 2017 at 05:40 AM    0    0    898

According to a member of the House of Representatives, Hon Muhammad Kazaure, forcing a Muslim man to engage in family planning is likened to forcing him to violate the rules of his religion. He said this on the floor of the house recently.

"I pray to God to give me fifty children. I don't care about population because I know God will feed them. I will just pray for God to provide what I will feed them and educate them. It is left for anybody to decide if he needs to do planning. Some people may like planning but some others like children. If you look at this seriously, Prophet Mohammed said Marry and have children so that I can be proud of you on the day of judgment. Islamically, there is no planning. When you force a Muslim to say he must plan for his children, it means you are forcing him to violate the rules of his religion".


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