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Get Paid with Interswitch via ReliancePay

ReliancePay is a free payment gateway powered by Reliance Wisdom Digital. It makes it easy for a merchant to accept payment. It is very flexible such that a merchant can set up his customers to bear all charges while he receives the full payment as due. Its implementation/integration is very simple as the processes are discussed on the Documentation page with sample. It does not include any monthly charges.

The most impressive feature of its API is that it allows re-querying of every payment transaction, whether successful or not, directly from the application server via the merchant website inline. This is put in place to avoid middlemen attacks of transactions and to make sure the exact transaction status gets to the merchant website.

How to Get Paid

The payment gateway is automatically enabled for free for all registered users that register on Reliance Wisdom Digital. By default, all users are allowed for demo integration. To go live, you would have to upload your data as it will be detailed later.

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